Infant Program

We offer a nurturing and developmentally rewarding program. We have quality, caring staff whose main concern is your child's development, safety, and social growth.

A little about the program:

  • Class Ratio is 4:1

  • Brightwheel - Giant Steps uses the Brightwheel app.  This allows parents to sign their child in/out with their phone simply by scanning a QR code or using the classroom tablet.  It allows teachers and the director to communicate with parents throughout the day.  The app documents diaper changes, naps, meals, photos, and other events.

  • Outdoor play area - Our center has two large outdoor play areas specifically for our infant/toddlers with age appropriate toys.

  • Classroom - Our infant room is equipped with age appropriate toys, books, and tables for the children.  We also have appliances to help care for your child including a refrigerator and bottle warmer.

  • Cleanliness - Any toy that a child plays with is put in a bin to be sanitized before another child can play with it.  All surfaces are cleaned multiple times per day.

  • No Shoes Policy - There are no shoes allowed in the infant room.  Anyone that enters the room must wear socks/slippers/booties to ensure the area where children are crawling is kept clean.  There is a shoe rack kept by the door to keep all shoes.