Twos & Threes

The twos and threes is our program for children ages 2 - 3.5 (or until they enter Pre-K).  Our qualified staff is loving, caring, and treats each child with respect.  Their main goal is the child's academic and social growth.

We focus on mastering different skills such as fine motor skills.  We also help with potty training!

A little about these classrooms:

  • Class Ratio is 8:1 for ages 2 to 3.5

  • Outdoor Area - There are 4 different areas the children can play in.  The infant playground, toddler playground, the large play structure, and the tricycle area.

  • Sample Daily Schedule - Morning art/free play, breakfast, circle time, outdoor play, art, group play, reading, singing/dancing, lunch, nap time, afternoon snack.

Room 2